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Watercolor on musem board
10" x 36"
These seven butterflies were selected and copied life-size from field studies in my Central American sketchbooks from 1992-'93. Both dorsal (upper) and ventral (under) views are shown. Lycorea cleobaea was a roadkill from Golfito, Costa Rica. Opsiphanes tamarindii was found drowned in Lake Nicaragua. Morpho peleides was found dead at La Selva Biological Station, near Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, Costa Rica. Caligo illioneus was roadkilled near Tocumen, Panama, a fate shared by Papilio thoas in Chiriqui Grande, Panama, and Colobura dirce near Esparza, Costa Rica. Callicore peralta was found dead on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula.